Acquisition of all common plastic wastes in larger quantities

We are constantly on the lookout for production waste, overproduction and faulty production or start-up lumps from the plastics industry as well as commercial and agricultural films, rigid plastics and much more. Through our many years of activity in the classic trade with secondary raw materials, we have built up a broad network of recyclers worldwide to enable sales channels even for difficult qualities.


  • PVC waste soft & rigid from industries such as automotive, window production, print houses, etc.
  • Films on rolls sorted or mixed
  • Automotive parts sorted or mixed from the production
  • Start-up lumps sorted or mixed
  • EPDM seals
  • All thermoplastic waste from production
  • Panel waste of HDPE, PP, POM, PC, PMMA, etc.


  • PE/PP rigid plastics from collection points (e.g. recycling depot)
  • Plastic types from LWP sorting plants such as DSD 310, 324, 329, etc.
  • Industry foils coloured to natural
  • Oil tanks, IBCs, barrels, canisters and pipes
  • Plastic folding windows and shutters
  • PVC mixtures such as bars, profiles, shutters, etc.
  • PS/PP-flower pots
  • TV or monitor housings from dismantling
  • Backlight sheets from the dismantling of flat screens
  • CD/DVD from sorting