Contract processing

Determination of input specifications
  • Initial measurement: measurement of spectral densities to determine sample components
  • Screening analysis: density fraction analysis and sum parameters to determine percentage of plastics, metal, glass, etc.
  • Identification of plastic types: density fraction analysis and spectroscopic methods to determine plastic types and its percentages
  • Determination of selected plastic types: density fraction analysis, spectroscopic methods and extraction process (according to the specific task)
Physicochemical tests
  • Determination of the residual moisture (surface moisture) and lipophilic compounds (oil, fats, waxes, tensides, etc.)
  • Determination of the ash residue, bulk density and melt flow index
  • Determination of the GF percentage and GF distribution by means of density fraction analyses
  • Determination of the percentage of halogen (chlorine, bromine, fluorine), paper and (heavy) metal
  • Sieve analyses, optical characterisation by means of microscopic imaging, etc.
Process analysis of the technology
  • Determination of input specifications
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the separated fractions
  • Evaluation of the process selectivity and the disintegration degree of the recycling processes
  • Determination of the purity degree of the plastic fractions
  • Determination of the production and processing of the plastic fractions
  • Process control, evaluation of the process stability and quality control of the recovered products
Consulting & evaluation
  • Determination of the composition of plastic compounds as well as its practical meaning and implementation
  • Consultancy in purity degree and separability of plastic compounds, process analyses and the use of recyclates for extruding and injection moulding
  • Consultancy in process and purity control as well as in optimising recycling processes
  • Evaluation of the recycling process: density separation process (hydrocyclone, float-sink and centrifugal), electrostatic processes, other automatic and manual sorting processes (colour and IR sorting)
(Contract) processing & separation
  • Production waste of the plastics processing industry (multicomponent parts)
  • Mixture in silo and mixture damages in grinding operations
  • Post-consumer waste
  • Selection of plastic compounds recovered by ATP:
    PP & PVC   PA & PET   PP & PPO   ABS & PVC
    PC & PBT   ABS & PA   PA & POM   PCABS & TPU
    PS & SAN   PP & PA     ABS & elastomers